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C2C For Your B2B

Why partner with us?

When founder, Erika Sanchez, decided to start Care2Cater, it wasn't completely out of left field! She had worked in the restaurant industry, in operations, for nearly two decades. Having this background is what has made her successful in the 3rd party space. Understanding what it takes, on a store level, sets Care2Cater apart from other options out there. Here at C2C, we like to say that "catering is easy money". It's a great way to increase sales and optimize on those labor hours!
What We Do For You
We take care of the canvassing, marketing, building proposals and menu building for your catering so you are able to focus your attention within your four walls. Care2Cater understands the importance of staying true to your brand and not changing the good thing you already have going on!
Ready to become a Partner? Just drop us a note with your info below and someone on our team will get back with you.